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Awesome Staff!
All the staff and psychologists at Better Care Treatment Recovery really cared about my rehabilitation, and helped me to get sober. I wouldn’t be clean now without them!
Highly Effective!
Better Care Treatment Recovery helped and cared for me during my recovery, and their rehab methods truly worked for me. My lifestyle is so much better because of them!
Great Rehabilitation Program!
I was as humiliated and pitiful as I could get before I realized that I needed help. Thanks to Better Care Treatment Recovery, I was able to recognize my addiction problems and how to cope without alcohol or drugs. They helped me so much, and if you believe you could have a problem, they can help you, too.
Everything Was Awesome!
I was extremely reluctant about Better Care Treatment Recovery at first, however, I really believe that they saved me. I had lost my family, my home, and my job because I simply wouldn't stop abusing drug and alcohol, and my entire life started spinning out of control. Only once I finally agreed to find help, did things start to get better. Thanks to their custom-designed rehabilitation programs and nice employees, I was ready to get back all the things I had lost to addiction. I’m so incredibly grateful for everything they've helped me with!
Absolutely the Best!
I can’t imagine anything is tougher than getting sober, and I owe my success to Better Care Treatment Recovery. I was hospitalized a couple of times, and even went to jail, however, it seemed that none of the consequences were enough to make me stop abusing alcohol and drugs. I was in a lot of trouble, and my life was in danger, after I began treatment. They helped me realize what I was doing that prevented me from getting clean and sober, and helped me understand my issues with drug and alcohol addiction. I’m alive now because of them.
Better Care Treatment Recovery is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.