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Drug Rehab

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What is the Difference between Substance Abuse and Addiction

Substance abuse is the repeated use of a toxic substance (drugs or alcohol) that is harmful to the abuser along with their friends and relatives in Tampa, FL. The frequency and amount are what determines the danger level and what quantified it as abuse, also the potency of the drug itself.

Addiction is a disease in the brain that causes compulsive and obsessive drug or alcohol consumption (or both). Substance abuse addiction is chronic, and gets worse over time, meaning that it is progressive.

Why Seek Help at a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility?

Many people in Tampa, FL addicted to drugs or alcohol will attempt to stop on their own, and typically they are successful for a short duration of time. What generally happens with these people is that they relapse and return to abusing substances.

Treatment centers are more effective at breaking these cycles through the use of customized rehab methods, professional psychological support, a compassionate and loving environment, and group support and peer-related programs. Through all of these programs, recovering addicts in Tampa, FL can develop patterns that will enable them to achieve long-term sobriety and recovery.

What Rehab Approaches Are the Most Effective?

Just enrolling in a substance abuse treatment center doesn’t guarantee long-term recovery. One of the most difficult steps in recovery is making that first call for help to enroll in treatment. Once a substance abuser enters rehab, there are many methods to choose from. However, the most successful approach is considering a combination of treatment methods.

The first step is detoxification. Whether a patient self-detoxes or enrolls in medically supervised treatment, they need to detox to cleanse their system of toxins to prepare them mentally and physically for rehab to occur.
Rehab programs include therapy methods that focus on recovery, education and relapse prevention, with the end goal being to enable patients to overcome their addiction.

The therapy types that are behavioral in nature can give recovering addicts in Tampa, FL the means to cope with drug and alcohol cravings, as well as providing methods to avoid relapse and to teach them how to handle relapse if it happens.
Many patients find the benefit of community support by attending group meetings and 12-step programs during and after their substance abuse treatment.

What Factors Are Considered from Patients in Drug Rehab?

Rehab treatment professionals consider many factors in creating a customized treatment plan for patients. This treatment plan will form the basis of their therapy strategy for the duration of their rehab and beyond.

Factors include the type of addiction of a patient, the duration of addiction, their mental and physical health, family status (married/single), and professional and personal obligations (that may conflict with treatment.)

How Do Mental Disorders Effect Substance Abuse Addiction?

Mental health issues combined with drug and alcohol addiction can have catastrophic results. Accordingly, the treatment of these combine issues must also be carefully scrutinized by your doctor, and or psychologist/psychiatrist. Mental health issues that conflict with substance abuse include depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, PTSD, panic disorders, and borderline personality disorders.

How Can I Find Help for My Substance Abuse Addiction?

It is recommended to do some research on treatment centers that offer care for your individual substance abuse needs, and personal needs. If you don’t know where to start, give us a call! We have trained specialists standing by 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to start your path to recovery. If there isn’t a treatment facility in your area, traveling for treatment is an effective means of therapy as it removes a substance abuser from conditions that contribute to their abuse.

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